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For over 45 years, Double Entry Doors has been served by four generations of experienced and professional decorators, architects and engineers advising countless projects and developments. Together they explore the juxtaposition of modern design with traditional architectural elements.

Double Entry Doors ( is a Company dedicated to providing rare Double Entry Doors, structural and decorative pieces culled from historic residences, palaces, parks, hotels and other buildings from all around the world.

Double Entry Doors Double Entry Doors Double Entry Doors Double Entry Doors
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Double Entry Doors Double Entry Doors Double Entry Doors Double Entry Doors
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The Double Entry Door Company has been providing original architectural salvage doors, antiques and elements to designers, builders, collectors, home-owners, and curious creative since 1961. In order to provide our customers with the best selection of architectural salvage doors, we have amassed a huge collection of architectural pieces from a variety of styles, including Classical French, Victorian, Provencal, Gothic, Tudor, Art-Noveau and Art Deco. All the items are 100% original and have been restored to maintain its original likeness.
Double Entry Doors Double Entry Doors Double Entry Doors Double Entry Doors Double Entry Doors Double Entry Doors
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Our large inventory of antique and salvage doors, light fixtures, mantels, entryways, stained glass and wrought iron pieces, you can choose from a constant stock of unusual items.

We specialize in old doors made in mahogany, cedar, oak, walnut, heart pine entryways with wrought iron inserts or leaded glass, but also offer a diverse assortment of architectural antiques including wooden paneling, interior doors, windows, stained glass, skylights, single entry doors, double entry doors, encaustic tiles and majolica tiles, chimney tops, wrought iron driveway gates, Heart pine wooden flooring, European hardware, restored columns, ironwork, and much more; such as, Double Entry Doors also offers fabrication of many special items such as wrought iron gates and balconies, special orders on entrance doors, interior doors, stained glass double doors, Double Entry Doors, Doors and windows from antique wood lumber. Whether you are searching for an uncommon architectural antique or a custom-made piece, e-mail us or call 1-888-MYDOOR1. We can provide you with the distinctive items that will make a new space a special place.


The tremendous responsibility we have, as leaders in the salvage
market to use our strength, talents, resources and technologies to better the way we live.

This is your planet, let's take care of it.

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  Double Entry Doors

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Wooden Entrance Doors NY

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Architectural Double Entry Doors

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Architectural Double Entry Doors

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Architectural Wooden Entry Doors

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Salvage Entry Wooden Doors NY

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